Covid Statement

Seton Hall and Gourmet Dining created a task force in the spring of 2020 to address the needs of feeding our community during the “new norm”.  We have set up new protocols in compliance with CDC mandates and the state of New Jersey, Governor’s orders.  After months of hard work and dedication, we are proud to announce the introduction of our new mobile ordering platform and grazing stations.


Safety continues to be our number one priority in the upcoming academic year.  We are addressing this through safely offering food to everyone by implementing a new, integrated mobile ordering solution that will enable members of the community to order food and other items straight from their mobile phones.  Starting this fall semester, anyone who is on the meal plan will be able to order ahead for their breakfast, lunch & dinner.  Our mobile ordering application will allow you to choose in advance what you would like from the grill, wok, pasta, carving/rotisserie and entrée station at Pirate Dining Room.  In the event you forget to place your order, there will still be offerings provided through our grazing stations.  These stations include grillin all day, bakery, health & you, vegan, pizza, salad, cold deli, tex-mex, ice cream and hot/cold beverages.   This allows the convenience for you to walk in, “grab” your meal and “go”.


Upon entering Pirate Dining Room, you will notice some new protocols and measures to ensure the safety of all of our diners. Each station is designed to keep everyone safe with the new  plexiglass barriers.

We ask that everyone use the sanitization stations upon entering and exiting the Pirates Dining Room, observe social distancing by following the six-foot social distancing markers and to always be wearing a face mask.  All of the dining stations will be sanitized frequently.